5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Prototyping and Manufacturing Firm


If you have a prototype and are just starting to look around for a manufacturing firm to help you optimize your product, you might need to consider a few details about the company in question. Here’s a comprehensive list of five things to consider when choosing the right prototyping and manufacturing firm for you.

1. The company should have a portfolio so you can review their past work.

Many companies have portfolios, and this makes it easier to review what they’ve done before so you can see if their services match up with what you need. Have they done something similar in the past? Do they specialize in the particular type of service you need? Do they produce quality work? These are things you can think about when you can review their portfolio.

2. Does the company offer services that meet your needs?

Depending on whether you’re looking for a niche market or one-stop shop, the company should have an array of services that fit your needs.

3. Does the company assign one point of contact?

The company should be consistent in their communication throughout the process with you. It would be hard to manage speaking to different people at different times throughout the prototyping and/or manufacturing. So it’s important to assign one point of contact for efficiency and also to develop a working relationship with one another. You don’t want information getting lost along the way.

4. The company should be affordable based on the client’s needs and capabilities.

If offshore capabilities are acceptable criteria to the customer, this is a plus. Offshoring drives the cost down considerably and allows parts to be more affordable. The company should aim to be as affordable as possible while still keeping quality assurance in mind at all times.

5. Does the company meet quality ISO compliance standards?

ISO compliance standards are important in the engineering and manufacturing industry, and if the company meets them, the company is keeping higher standards than others and has higher quality assurance.

And finally, the last and most important thing that all these reasons boil down to is that the company should be a quality, trustworthy company that puts your needs first.

If you’re starting out on your own with a product idea and want to take your prototype to the next level with a manufacturing company, these five things should help you decide which one is best for you.

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