5 Tips for Choosing Your Contract Manufacturer


Choosing a contract manufacturer can be daunting at times, depending on how many companies are on your list, whether you’re okay with outsourcing or not, or choosing the best quality for the right price.

Here are five tips for choosing your CM.

1. Certifications

The company should have the level of certifications that fit your needs for that project. ISO Compliance is a good starting point, as it ensures a company has a quality system and an emphasis in documentation.

2. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations from other people can help in the long run. A lot of times, you wouldn’t have thought of a company or known to go somewhere until someone recommended it — and it’s good to keep an open mind.

3. Response time to your request

If you send an email to someone, you should get a fairly quick response time — say within a day to two days — or that company probably doesn’t have enough staff to handle your project correctly. Having to wait a week just for a quote or a response is a hassle, whereas there are other companies that can get back to you quickly.

4. Onshore/offshore manufacturing

It’s important to consider whether you want to keep your products at home or outsource them — which can drive down the costs of services radically, while also keeping the quality the same.

5. Capabilities

Is the company you’re looking for capable of handling your project and more? Sometimes you need more than the services you’re being offered, such as packaging or package design, and that company can be a one-stop shop or can offer more than you were looking for. It’s good to look around for a company that’s offering a full range of capabilities.

Whether you are looking for a contract manufacturer for circuit boards or injection molding, these five steps can be the deciding factors when it comes to getting the highest quality product possible.

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