Choosing the Right Injection Molding Vendor


Figure 1: With so many vendors to pick from, it's important to choose the best options for the project.

Injection molding has many different processes associated with it. Looking closely at the developmental process, we can determine where to place the job for manufacturing. There are two types of vendors to choose from when making this decision. There are dedicated specialty vendors as well as full service vendors. Below we analyze the differences between them and evaluate what factors should influence the decision making process.

That’s Our Specialty

Dedicated specialty vendors specialize in one specific aspect of manufacturing. These vendors work with specific products, materials, and processes. You will have to have multiple vendors for each process of manufacturing because each vendor specializes in different processes. For example, one vendor will design the mold, another will build it, and then a different vendor runs production.

One Stop Shop

A full service vendor is exactly as it sounds. One vendor in house does everything for the manufacturing process. If they have to outsource for a particular process, they take full responsibility. Going in this direction can save time and money, but many companies today do not, or cannot, offer a full range of services.  

The Choice is Yours

Once you have decided whether you want to use dedicated specialty vendors or a full service vendor, there is the decision of which specific vendor to use. There’s a surplus of vendors and they all are different. Vendors have their own specific specialty that they work with. With the vast variety to choose from, how do you pick? Well there are three determining factors to examine. These factors are a general overview of the vendor and their facility, their familiarity with plastic injection molding, and their manufacturing capabilities.

The decision to go with a dedicated specialty vendor or a full service vendor is solely up to the customer. There are positive and negative aspects of both vendor types. In the end, you need to choose a vendor that’s willing to work with you and provide the best product possible.


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