Jaycon Systems Introduces New Referral Program


(Melbourne, FL) Jaycon Systems, Melbourne's product design and manufacturing expert, is rolling out its new Referral Program that aims in rewarding people who refer them business. The up-and-coming tech masters are giving $300 to those who refer Jaycon projects that close within 6 months of qualifying referral*. It also offers additional hundreds of dollars based on what tier the project falls on. Depending on the project, those who do the referring could get up to $1400, plus discounts to their electronics webstore and some surprise Jaycon swag. Here is how much anyone could earn by referring:

  • Fixed $300 for tier 1 projects

  • Additional $200 for tier 2 projects

  • Additional $400 for tier 3 projects

  • Additional $800 for tier 4 projects

  • Additional $1100 for tier 5 projects

Jaycon Systems Introduces Referral Program

Jaycon Systems Introduces Referral Program

Jaycon notes that most projects during the summer fall between tier 1 and 2, but emphasizes that the seasonality and type of industry they come from play a big role on what tier they fall into. The program aims in rewarding those who refer Jaycon business. “As we were analyzing our customer database, we noticed that many of them were referrals. We think there is nothing more fair than rewarding them as a way to say ‘thank you’ for bringing us business” says COO Derek Blankenship.

The Referral Program doesn’t stop there. It also highly encourages students to get involved. The program offers students some surprise Jaycon swag currently only available to employees. It also offers students a discount to Jaycon Systems’ webstore until they graduate. The webstore offers building blocks to electronics projects, which are highly popular among tech schools and universities that use them as part of the curriculum. “It’s incredible to see the creativity of these students and what they are able to achieve with our products. The referral program will allow us to give back to education by not only rewarding students with some extra cash, but with great discounts to help fuel their electronics projects,” says Jiten Chandiramani, CEO and Chief Engineer.

Jaycon Systems specializes in bringing products to life by offering a complete service line that takes product concepts to mass production. Their offerings range from product and electronics design to prototyping and manufacturing. They apply extensive knowledge of technology to most markets, among them consumer electronics, computer hardware, marketing/multimedia, and environment. With an entrepreneurial spirit and as a rapid-prototyping firm, Jaycon Systems believes in building products right the first time and introducing them quickly to market. For more, visit jayconsystems.com

Referral Program Rules

*A qualifying referral is one that leads to a project of a minimum cost of $5,000. The referral fee is paid to the referrer upon project completion and is only awarded if project starts within 6 months of referral. We hold the right to withhold awards where customers act against the intent of this program. We will act with reasonable judgement and fairness in every scenario. Fees of $600 or more paid to referrer are subject to 1099 taxation.

This article was published by the Jaycon team. Learn more about how we can take your product design and hardware idea to the next level here.

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