About Circuit Board Assembly

Jaycon knows a thing or two about circuit boards — our engineers design electronics all day long while making it a goal to improve them for assembly and manufacturing. Our flexibility in manufacturing allows us to adjust production volume to align with our clients’ growth. We offer in-house prototype level assembly as well as offshore high volume assembly. We also provide value-added services so everything is done under one roof — starting from component sourcing and PCB fabrication all the way to programming, testing, packaging and shipping.

DELIVERABLES: Finished assembled units

AVAILABLE SERVICES: PCB fabrication, hand assembly or SMT line assembly, stencil, hardware part sourcing, rework, testing & programming


Circuit Board Assembly Services


PCB Fabrication

Jaycon has been working with our exclusive circuit board suppliers for almost a decade to provide us with high-quality bare boards ranging from from 1 to 12 layers.


Low Volume Hand Assembly

Our team is able to assemble prototype batches by hand in order to uncover any assembly challenges before going into mass production.


High volume SMT Assembly

Our in-house SMT line allows us to go from small prototype batches to thousands of boards, adjusting production according to our clients’ demands.


Testing + Programming

Besides offering circuit board assembly, we are able to test and program boards by hand or by developing custom test fixtures for higher volume production.


Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities & Specifications



  • SMT

  • Through-hole

  • Single sided

  • Double sided

  • Press fits


  • Mounting capability (CPH): 600,000 nominal

  • Fine pitch capability

  • BGA



  • Rapid prototyping 

  • Low volume 

  • Large production runs


  • Maximum board size: 530mm x 450mm

  • Maximum board thickness: 3mm

  • Minimum board thickness: 0.4mm

  • Smallest chips size: 0201

  • Minimum QFP pitch: 0.2mm

  • Ball pitch: 0.2mm

  • Maximum layers: 12



  • Vision screen printing: solder paste

  • Hand forming and lead trimming

  • Ultrasonic welding: plastic cases sealing

  • Conformal coating: coating measurement facility

  • Rework capability

  • Manual tester

  • Wave soldering

  • Selective soldering



  • Component sourcing

  • PCB fabrication

  • Programming

  • Testing / custom test fixtures

  • Final assembly

  • Packaging


  • AOI

  • Manual testers

  • Pass or fail indication

  • Test data backup

  • Visual check: video, microscope, magnifiers

  • X-Ray Testing

Jaycon Systems is a fantastic company; from the standpoint of the services they provide, their professional level of expertise, and their agile business operation — which makes them an outstanding and very competitive/cost effective provider of engineering solutions and products in mechatronics and automation. I’ve known them and worked closely with them for several years.
— Hector Gutierrez, PhD @ Florida Tech

Our Circuit Board Assembly Work


Scale up your PCB production at your own pace

Your PCB demand today isn't the same as a year from now — we understand that and adjust accordingly.


Need other services?

Have you considered manufacturing your PCB enclosures with Jaycon? We offer plastic manufacturing, sourcing, as well as assembly services so you can worry more about growing the business and less about logistics and supplier management. We work with products at different stages of the development process, so whatever stage you are at, chances are that Jaycon's engineers, designers and project managers can help you go one step further.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most affordable ways of producing plastic parts at high volumes. At Jaycon, we help you achieve the best results for a competitive price even at low volumes.


Our knowledgeable electrical engineering team will create a board layout and schematics from your product requirements document so it is ready to go into manufacturing.


Our team of engineers & designers work closely with you to translate ideas into real life products, going from ideation and design to prototyping and manufacturing quickly and affordably.


If you already have your product designed and want to bring it to life with the right manufacturing process, Jaycon can help. We offer CNC machining, 3D printing and circuit board prototyping services.