About Circuit Board Design

Jaycon has decades of experience with the development of electronics using a variety of technologies and components. Our engineering team will design the schematics and the layout that make up circuit boards, ensuring the design is concurrent with other mechanical engineering activities related to the same project. Given that Jaycon is also a manufacturer, all of our work is optimized for manufacturing, ensuring no problems arise during production.

DELIVERABLES: Working prototype

AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES: Bluetooth, cellular, GPS, motion controls, RFID/ NFC, IMUs, controllers, LCD, OLED, e-paper, TFT, wireless technologies, and more.


Circuit Board Design Services


Schematic capture + Layout

The first step in designing a circuit board is to create a schematic capture, in which our electrical engineering team draws an overview of the inner workings of the circuit board.


Firmware Programming

Our engineering team goes beyond PCB design — we add functionality to your product by programming firmware, which acts as a roadmap on how components interact and operate.


PCB Fabrication + Assembly

Once the circuit board is designed, our team will fabricate and assemble the PCBs —ensuring DFA — so it's ready to be mass manufactured once our client's demand increases.


Component Optimization

Our knowledge of electronics allows us to properly choose components that are specific to each project. This allows us to utilize them to their full capacity and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary parts.


Circuit Board Design Capabilities


Communication Technologies

  • Antennas

  • Bluetooth

  • CAN

  • Cellular Network

  • Ethernet

  • GPS

  • LoRa

  • NFC

  • RF

  • RFID

  • RS-232

  • RS-45

  • Satellite

  • WiFi

  • Wireless

  • Zigbee

  • And more




  • Atmel

  • Freescale

  • Microchip

  • Nordic

  • ST Micro

  • And more


  • 7-segment

  • Alpha numeric

  • E-paper

  • LCDs and OLEDs

  • LEDs and Illumination

  • Memory display

  • OLED

  • TFT

  • And more



  • Accelerometers

  • Biometrics

  • Capacitive

  • Current

  • Distance

  • Environment

  • Flex / Force

  • Gas

  • Gyros

  • Humidity

  • Imaging

  • Infrared

  • Light

  • Magnetometers

  • Movement

  • NFC

  • Proximity

  • RFID

  • Radiation

  • Temperature

  • Weather

  • And more



  • Drivers

  • Motors & controllers

  • Robotic control systems

  • Servo drivers and motors

  • Stepper motors and drivers

  • And more

Jaycon is a fantastic company. They listen and deliver beyond expectations. Anytime I need a product created/developed they will be my first and only call to make. They are quick to respond to any questions I have and keep me posted on the progress being made.
— Brandon Bond, Founder @ Bond Chiropractor

Our Circuit Board Design Work


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Jaycon will ensure your product is designed for manufacturing and adhere to high industry standards.


Need other services?

Did you know Jaycon can also design and manufacture enclosures? We offer mechanical engineering services that complement our circuit board design services. We work with products at different stages of the development process, so whatever stage you are at, chances are that Jaycon's engineers, designers and project managers can add value to your product by taking it one step further.


Our team of engineers & designers work closely with you to translate ideas into real life products, going from ideation and design to prototyping and manufacturing quickly and affordably.

Circuit Board Assembly

We understand businesses have different production needs at the different stages of product development — we offer low and high volume manufacturing to scale at our clients’ pace.


If you already have your product designed and want to bring it to life with the right manufacturing process, Jaycon can help. We offer CNC machining, 3D printing and prototype circuit boards.


Injection molding is one of the most affordable ways of producing plastic parts at high volumes. At Jaycon, we help you achieve the best results for a competitive price even at low volume.