What materials do you offer for 3D printing?

The most used materials at Jaycon are PLA & TPU (build material) and Natural PVA (support material). Other materials may be available upon request. Please note that other prototyping processes, such as CNC and resin casting, may allow for a wider range of material choices. Our team works closely with our clients to understand and suggest the best types of materials to be used in our clients’ projects.

Ultimaker S5

  1. PLA (polylactic acid)

  2. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

  3. CPE (co-polyester)

  4. PC (polycarbonate)

  5. Nylon (polyamide)

  6. TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane)

  7. PP (polypropylene)

  8. PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)

Projet MJP 2500

  1. Visijet M2 RCL Plastic Material - Clear (1.5 kg bottle)

  2. Visijet M2 RBK Plastic Material - Black (1.5 kg bottle)

  3. Visijet M2 RWT Plastic Material - White (1.5 kg bottle)

  4. Visijet M2 EBK Elastomeric Material - Black (1.5 kg bottle)

  5. Visijet M2 ENT Elastomeric Material - Natural (1.5 kg bottle)

  6. Visijet M2 SUP Support Material (1.4 kg bottle)

  7. EZ Rinse-C (2 Gal Cubitainer)

  8. MCO Cleaner 2500 (1.0 kg)