from Low to high volume — we scale with you


Injection Molding


At Jaycon, the value added to any of our services is that we understand manufacturing from the design phase. We ensure your files are designed for manufacturability and work with you to minimize the appearance of certain standard markings, such as ejector pin marks, gate marks, and parting lines. We also assist you in the choice of material and surface finish based on the product application while helping you establish a reasonable timeline and quality control system.

Circuit board Assembly


We understand the importance of scaling up production slowly in order to catch possible design mistakes or to suggest improvements in the design before jumping into mass manufacturing. That's why Jaycon offers in-house prototype level assembly (5 to 2,000/month) as well as offshore high volume assembly (50,000+/month). We provide an ecosystem that enhances our services — starting from component sourcing and PCB fabrication all the way to programming, testing, packaging and shipping.