MAE Educational Kit

MAE Educational Kit


This is a versatile kit designed for students seeking to enhance their electronic skills. Kit is based on the Arduino Pro Mini development board, which is NOT pre-flashed with the Arduino Bootloader. Instead an USBTINY AVR Programmer is included for advance users who want to start from scratch using AVR Studios.

The Arduino Pro Mini was designed to mount on a breadboard for easy prototyping and connection of jumper wires to accessories, such as LCD display screen, motor with encoder, motor driver, servo, and more.

Note: The Arduino Pro Mini does not include the Arduino Bootloader and will not work directly with the Arduino IDE.

This Kit Includes:

10 330Ω Through Hole Resistors

10 Female to Female Jumper wires

10 Male to Female Jumper wires

10 Male to Male Jumper wires

2 0.1uF Through Hole Capacitors

2 10KΩ Through Hole Resistors

2 10uF 25V Capacitors

2 40 Straight Pin Breakaway Headers

1 1 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

1 16x2 LCD Screen

1 2.8" TFT LCD with Touchscreen

1 5V FTDI Basic USB to Serial Converter

1 5V Regulator

1 830 Point Breadboard with 3 Binding posts

1 A to B Mini USB Cable

1 AC/DC 9V Adapter

1 Arduino Pro Mini 328 5V/16MHz

1 AVR Programmer

1 HMC5883L Compass Breakout Board

1 LCD Back Pack (LCD Display extension)

1 MC33926 Motor Driver

1 Micro SD card Breakout Board

1 Micro Servo

1 Momentary Push Button

1 Motor with Encoder (Two Different Types Used In the Kits 4.4:and 75:1)

1 Right Angle 40 Pin Breakaway Headers

1 Set of breadboard wires (140 Pieces)

1 Stepper motor

1 Stepper motor driver with Voltage Regulator

1 Through Hole LED Assortment

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