At Jaycon, we believe that prototyping is an art and a science — from specifying the correct tolerances and materials during the design phase, to post-processing each and every prototype we create by hand and by machine — our deliverables are as close to the real production piece as possible. We take pride in our high-quality prototypes and stand behind our work on each and every one of them.

DELIVERABLES: 1 to 100 physical prototypes

AVAILABLE SERVICES: CNC machining, 3D printing, resin casting, thermoforming, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly


Prototyping Services


PCB Fabrication & Assembly

We can fabricate your boards and assemble them by hand for low volume batches or by machine for high volume batches when set up in panels.

Requirements: design file (Gerber) and BOM (bill of materials).

Capabilities: up to 14 layers, through-hole or surface mount, flex PCB.


CNC Machining

Our multi axis computer numeric control machines mill away material at extremely high resolution for accurate tolerances.

Requirements: STEP/STP file

Materials: plastic (ABS, PC, POM, PMMA, nylon, and more), hard resin (clear, white, black, grey), metal (aluminum, brass, stainless steel). Other materials upon request.


3D Printing

Jaycon has four state-of-the-art 3D printers that allows our engineers to create realistic prototypes quickly.

Requirements: STL file

Materials: PLA, ABS, CPE, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A, PP, PVA and more.

Tolerance: Layers as thin as 32 microns (0.032 millimeters).


Resin Casting

Our team is able to create prototypes faster and more inexpensively than other processes with resin casting.

Requirements: existing prototype

Materials: over 50 types of resins

Restrictions: parts bigger than 8 inches may not be suitable for this prototyping process.


Prototyping Process



We take into consideration the requirements of the client, part size/complexity, product application, and other factors to ensure the file is best optimized to the prototyping process used for fabrication.



With many prototyping methods to choose from, our engineers pick the most optimal process and carefully set up the machinery, overseeing the process to ensure fabrication is as smooth as possible.



It's rare that prototypes are ready as-is after fabrication. Our team of prototype specialists ensure care in the post processing of the prototype so it looks and performs like the real manufactured unit.

Jaycon has been and continues to be extremely helpful in supporting the needs of my business in many aspects of product design. They are easy to work with and demonstrate deep knowledge of both hardware and software engineering problems.
— Casey Mongoven, Founder @ Freefall Data Systems

Our Prototyping Work


Build a prototype that doesn't fall short of your expectations

And be one step closer to starting production without any unforeseen manufacturing difficulties.


Need other services?

Done with prototyping and ready to take the next step in the product development process? Jaycon can help. We work with clients who have products at different stages of the development process, so whatever stage you are at, our engineers, designers and project managers will guide you in the right direction.

Product Design

Our team of engineers & designers work closely with you to translate ideas into real life products, going from ideation and design to prototyping and manufacturing quickly and affordably.


Our knowledgeable electrical engineering team will create a board layout and schematics from your product requirements document so it is ready to go into manufacturing.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is one of the most affordable ways of producing plastic parts at high volumes. At Jaycon, we help you achieve the best results for a competitive price even at low volumes.

Circuit Board Assembly

We understand businesses have different production needs at the different stages of product development — we offer low and high volume manufacturing to scale at our clients’ pace.