Product Design

Product Design

During the product design phase, our engineers work closely with you in order to understand your product requirements and necessary features that make your product unique. Our team is trained to solve complex mechanical and electronic problems and is constantly learning the newest technologies to be used in our clients' projects.


Circuit Board Design

Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Our engineering team will design the schematics and the layout that make up circuit boards, ensuring the design is concurrent with other mechanical engineering activities related to the same project. Given that Jaycon is also a manufacturer, all of our work is optimized for manufacturing, ensuring no problems arise during production.



We understand the importance of prototyping when you are bringing a product to life — it's the first time you get to touch and feel the hard work you put into developing your idea. Our team ensures prototyping is done right by using the correct tools and processes for each project, allowing us to create pre-production prototypes that perform like the real thing. 

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Before going into mass production, we ensure your product is designed for manufacturability — our team works with you to minimize production cost and maximize efficiency while keeping the same form and function of your product. We also guide you through the manufacturing process and help you establish a reasonable timeline and quality control system.

Circuit Board Assembly

Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

Jaycon can adjust production volume to align with our clients’ growth. We offer in-house prototype level assembly as well as offshore high volume assembly. We also provide value-added services so everything is done under one roof — starting from component sourcing and PCB fabrication all the way to programming, testing, packaging and shipping.